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Cyber Liability

Big I Maryland has partnered with Wingman Insurance to offer you cyber liability coverage through a fully ADMITTED product brought to you by AXIS (rated A+ Excellent by A.M. Best). 

First and Third Party Coverages including:

Third Party Coverages Include:

Enterprise Security Event Liability

Privacy Regulation Liability

First Party Coverages Include:

Crisis Management Expense

Fraud Response Expense

Public Relations Expense

Forensic & Legal Expense

Extortion Loss

System Disruption Business Interruption 

Service Disruption Business Interruptiom

Data Recovery Expense

Website Media Liability

Ransomware Loss

Social Engineering Fraud Loss

Telecommunications Theft Loss

Representational Harm


Invoice Manipulation

PCI Fines

  • Up to $10M limits available
  • Payment installments available

In order to be eligible for cyber through Wingman you must have the following:

  • Implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for remote access.
  • Confirmation of offsite (e.g. cloud) back-ups less than a month old. 
  • Ability to recover all of your business-critical data and systems within 10 days
How to Sign Up for MFA for Microsoft 365Backups: Using iDrive, OneDrive and SharePoint Sites

Get a cyber quote for your agency by completing the 5 question online application. It takes less than a minute to complete!  


Quote delivered to your inbox within an hour (during normal business hours).

If you need limits higher than $3M, complete the application below and email to cyber@BigIMD.com

Additional Services:

Breach Preparedness Information Services are provided during the policy period even if an event has not occurred. There is no additional cost for this service. 

Big I Maryland Members>> Interested in selling cyber liability to your commercial insureds?  CLICK HERE for more information! 

Non-Admitted Market through Beazley

Data Breach Coverage is also available on a Non-Admitted basis through Beazley syndicates at Lloyds.

To request a cyber liability quote for your agency, complete the cyber liability application & MD surplus lines disclosure and email to cyber@BigIMD.com.

Beazley Cyber Liability App & SL Disclosure

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